Submit A Sample

There are precautions you must follow before taking a
sample of any materials suspected of containing asbestos.

Please follow the instructions below:

  • Dampen or wet the material.
  • Samples can be as small as a thumbnail or as large as the palm of your hand.
  • Dust, powder or flake samples can be as little as half a teaspoon.
  • Place each sample in a sealable plastic bag such as a sandwich bag.
  • Seal the bag with tape.
  • Wash your hands with soap.
  • Click on the 'Submit A Sample' form below and print it out.
  • Fill all the spaces in the form.
  • Place the plastic bag and the 'Submit A Sample' form into an envelope.
  • Enclose your payment of $99 for each sample you send (credit card, cheque or money order).
  • Mail the envelope to the address below.

Results will be available within 7 days. A certificate will be emailed to you from our NATA accredited lab advising whether there is asbestos in your sample and identifying the type of asbestos.

Click on the 'Submit A Sample'
form below and print it.


Asbestos Laboratories

Level 23 Tower 1, 520 Oxford Street
Bondi Junction, 2022
NSW, Australia

Phone (02) 9369 2787
    Fax (02) 9388 2423

Wet the material

Take a sample

Place the sample
in a plastic bag

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