To the team at AsbestosLabs. I am sooooo thankful. My husband was about to
drill a hole in a wall that we discovered has asbestos. We are very lucky he didn't.

Joan Cuningham, Burwood, NSW.

Excellent service. Found out the vinyl tiles in our kitchen got asbestos and now having them professionally removed.

P. Fitzgerald, Geralton, WA.

Thanks for the fast lab results. Our builder gave us a quote of $4,600 to demolish the garage. We sent in a sample of the wall which turned out not to have asbestos & now it’s costing us only $880 for the whole job.

Jill & Peter Hammering

Invaluable service to the community  

About time someone provided asbestos testing. As a contractor I won’t start a job before I get the building tested. $99 is cheap for my health's sake.

Graham Smith, G. Smith Building Contractors,  Port Melbourne, Vic.

Thanks for the test results of the ceiling in the kids room. We've now put them in another room until the asbestos is removed.

Margaret Redding. Adelaide, SA.

Best $99 I ever spent. My husband was going to knock out a wall in our house thats got asbestos. Can't thank you enough.

Mrs. Greenland, Newcastle, NSW.

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